About Keith Bishop

Clinical Nutritionist, Educator, Author, Retired Pharmacist

Our Family Cancer History

My wife and I both have a family history of early onset prostate cancer. Her father, my grandfather and father.  In 1997 I reviewed the medical research to see what would decrease my risk of prostate cancer. I discovered food, lifestyle and specific vitamins and minerals would decrease my risk. This convinced me to sell my pharmacy in 1998 and concentrate on natural health. I opened a private clinical nutrition practice in 1999.  In 2004 I started doing integrative cancer programs, customized support for my clients and speaking at local and national cancer support groups, 

In 2008 my mother was diagnosed with GBM (glioblastoma brain cancer). I intensified my review of medical research and started publishing my information as Natural Cancer Reports. Sadly, she died from the cancer in 2010.

Cancer Has Impacted My Life!

My father-in-law died of early onset prostate cancer. My mother died of brain cancer. My father died of early onset Alzheimer's I believe encouraged by his prostate cancer anti-hormone treatment and us not knowing what food, lifestyle and supplements could help. My grandfather died of a sudden heart attack potentially caused/encouraged by taking a very high dose estrogen treatment for his early onset prostate cancer (healthcare doesn't do that treatment anymore!). I have uncles that had early onset prostate cancer. A brother-in-law had neuroendocrine carcinoma cancer and died of bleeding and clotting problems and pulmonary embolism from taking anti-inflammatory medications while doing chemotherapy.

Friends that Died of Cancer

Several of our friends have died of cancer. Valerie, too young of breast cancer. Joey, pancreatic cancer. Danny, oral cancer. 

My lovely, sweet wife is at a high risk of cancer due to her father's prostate cancer, her brother's neuroendocrine carcinoma, and her main underlying health issue of an immune deficiency called agammaglobulinemia. She sees a hematologist oncologist and gets a gamma globulin immune infusion every 4 weeks.

She has had a couple of breast cancer mammogram scares and then a spot in her lung that could not be biopsied due to the location. An atypical mole was removed from her back. While not perfect we are making significant food, lifestyle and supplement changes and thus far no further mammogram concerns and the spot in her lung is gone.

2022 - It's time for me and my wife to cowboy and cowgirl up, publish and share my extensive health and cancer information. Thank you, my lovely wife Janay, for tolerating less focused time with your husband!

My Professional History

I'm originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many in OK (including my mother-in-law) have called me a city boy. In 1977 I started working as a pharmacy tech in Norman Hospital Pharmacy and Tom's Central Pharmacy in Norman, OK. I continued those jobs through pre-pharmacy and post-pharmacy internship. I became a pharmacist in May 1981.

In 1983 I purchased a pharmacy in Mustang, OK and was the first recipient of the Oklahoma Innovative Pharmacist Award for my remodeling design of the pharmacy and emphasizing patient assessment, counseling and customized care. 

After 15 years of traditional pharmacy, I recognized our family history of cancer and the need to change what we do. With this new interest I became very, very disillusioned with traditional pharmacy and medical treatments. God found a pharmacist that wanted to purchase my pharmacy. With God's direction and provision, I sold my successful pharmacy at the end of 1998 so that I could concentrate on my passion, and God's will, to assess health issues and my client's specific needs of food, lifestyle and supplements, an integrative natural practice.

Since 1999 I've been a clinical nutritionist with a private practice in Oklahoma City. I merged my private practice with Flourish Compounding Pharmacy and Nutrition Center, in 2010. 

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