Kancer Keto™ Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

Unlock the Maximum Potential of Your Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

Kancer Keto is developed and written by Keith Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, Retired Pharmacist, Author

In the journey of cancer management and prevention, your food, lifestyle, and supplements play a pivotal role. The ketogenic diet, known for its moderate protein, low carbohydrate, and higher fat content, has emerged as a beacon of hope. The Kancer Keto Program is beyond a traditional ketogenic diet for cancer: it's about a lifestyle that could hinder cancer's fuel sources.

The Science Behind Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

Cancer cells thrive on glucose.[i] By significantly reducing glucose intake, a ketogenic diet can potentially slow down the growth of cancer cells.[ii] A ketogenic diet's restriction of carbohydrates limits glucose metabolism, essentially starving cancer cells while nourishing healthy cells. 

This traditional ketogenic diet for cancer approach, however, comes with its concerns.

Many people eat more...

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