The Power of Beans: A Weapon Against Cancer

Beans and Legumes are a much-needed weapon against cancer.

Beans and legumes, the humble staples of many global cuisines, are gaining recognition in the scientific community for their potential role in reducing the risk and mortality of many diseases and cancer. This blog post will delve into the research behind these claims, shedding light on why I put beans and legumes in my Cancer Food Pyramid Tactic.

What are Beans and Legumes?

Beans and legumes are the fruits or seeds of a family of plants called Fabaceae. They are rich sources of fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and plant-based protein. Common examples include chickpeas, lentils, peas, kidney beans, black beans, soybeans, pinto beans, navy beans, and peanuts.[1]

Nutritional Powerhouses

Beans and legumes are high in minerals and fiber without the saturated fat found in some animal proteins. They are rich in plant protein, fiber, B-vitamins, iron, folate, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc.

One cup (164 grams) of...

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Avocado Fruit – Cancer Caution for Some?


How many of you love avocadoes?

My wife and I do! With our family cancer history of hormone cancers, we will still enjoy but limit our avocado or guacamole to less than once a week.

Previous laboratory cancer cell studies have shown purified nutrients and plant chemicals in avocadoes suggests this fruit has anticancer activities. But actual human intake and cancer risk have not been evaluated until recently.

In April 2023 a research study of data from 45,289 men in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (HPFS) and 67,039 women in the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) evaluated avocado consumption and the risk of cancer.

In the HPFS, consuming more than 1 avocado a week was associated with a decreased risk of only colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and bladder cancer in men. Other cancer rates were not affected. In the NHS, avocado consumption was associated with increased risk of breast cancer in older postmenopausal women. Neither group noticed a decreased or increased overall cancer...

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