Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) and L-Glutamine Metabolism for Cancer Management

Press-Pulse Insights from Dr. Thomas Seyfried
Written by Keith Bishop, CN, B.Sc. Pharmacy, Author

November 27, 2023

This paper discusses the Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) a tool developed by Dr. Thomas Seyfried and his team at Boston College, and L-Glutamine restriction as a strategy for managing cancer growth.[1] The GKI It is the ratio of blood glucose to ketone bodies. The higher the ratio the higher the glucose and lower the ketone bodies. The lower the ratio the lower the glucose and higher the ketone bodies.

GKI and Cancer

There is a very strong association between elevated blood glucose, oxidative stress, inflammation and the higher risk of cancer.[2] Ketone bodies (the body using fat for energy) and ketogenic diets appear to be powerful agents in treating human cancers. Ketone bodies often enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments.[3]

Dr. Seyfried's research in the realm of cancer treatment has shown increasingly impressive therapeutic outcomes with lower GKI...

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